A Short Chronicle of Madness

In 28 December 2008, at three o'clock in the morning, my biggest fear became reality: in essence I was crazy.
My mind - my world - came crumbling down and its place took an overpowering psychosis, which as a parasite was feeding of its host and becoming more monstrous with the paranoid thoughts it produced: I was the new Dalai Lama, the Catcher in the rye, professional assassins were lurking after me.
Amidst this delirium, still very much alive in my memory, during my short stay at a mental hospital, my deathly depression, I swept away and drove to despair all of the closest people to my heart, who would suddenly see me disjointed from an uncontrollable mental illness.
The dark December of '08 in a numb Athens. The holy red colour. And my suicidal mother, returning from Hades years later. In this book I've written everything I can remember, without changing or ommitting anything. For, because of these unspeakable days, I managed to find a new way inside the ruins of my mind, which leads to internal peace. And even though my story seems singular, the beast that is mental illness and the fear that it instills in each of us is common, as is the beast of love and of every other human strength.
Because our soul is not built to be content in misery.
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