Outcomes - Second Edition / A0/A1.1: Beginner - Classroom Presentation Tool

2nd edition

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Real situations, real language -
is the only course that is consistently focussed on helping students achieve the real world communicative outcomes they want and need. This lexically rich course emphasises students’ need to have the conversations in English that they would in their own language.

This new edition contains more contemporary and global content, reflecting English as it is used in the world and is visible via brand new texts, and stunning
National Geographic
photos and videos.

second edition contains:

A clear, evenly paced grammar syllabus with strong links to context. The grammar is presented and practised using guided discovery and is supported by a highly accessible Grammar Reference.

National Geographic
videos provide real global content and language plus Conversation Practice videos provide a model for real, natural output.

An Understanding Fast Speech feature helps students understand authentic English; an integrated pronunciation syllabus helps students use the language accurately and fluently.

An expanded and updated Online Vocabulary Builder allows students to personalise and engage with vocabulary language learning by developing their own word lists and testing themselves.

Student’s Book + Access Code + Class DVD

8 inspiring
National Geographic
videos per level

16 Conversation Practice video models

32 grammar points per level

Access code for online resources

Workbook + Audio CD

Additional language practice

Learner tips

Language notes

Vocabulary Builder quizzes

Teacher’s Book + Class Audio CD

Accessible teaching notes

Extra ideas and developmental tips


Make your own paper and online tests in minutes

Quick and flexible

Choose from a variety of exam layouts and printing options

Interactive Whiteboard

Excellent for heads-up learning and encourages class participation

Contains easy-to-access audio and video

Can also be used with a computer and projector

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