The Cerefy Clinical Brain Atlas/CD-ROM

Enhanced Edition with Surgical Planning and Intraoperative Support

The enhanced edition of The Cerefy® Clinical Brain Atlas is a state-of-the-art tool for planning functional neurosurgical procedures. With more than 200 fully segmented high-quality images derived from the classic Schaltenbrand and Wahren and Talairach and Tournoux atlases, this interactive CD-ROM provides you with the high-tech tools you need to map the human brain. You can even load patient-specific images and blend them with the coordinates of individualized images from the atlases to retrieve the names of structures and plan target and entry points. Surgery plans, including useful electrode track annotations, can be archived and printed.

-Display the trajectory on two orthogonal views
-Plan up to five stereotactic tracks
-View and manipulate the probabilistic functional atlas of the subthalamic nucleus – derived from 184 cases – co-registered spatially with images from the atlas
-Simulate electrode insertion with the label and probability readout at the electrode tip
-Access to a convenient local archive of findings

This cutting-edge planning software is the “gold standard” for stereotactic functional neurosurgery and is an indispensable tool for all neurosurgeons and neuroradiologists who are interested in or perform functional neurosurgery.

Please visit www.cerefy.com, the Brain Atlas related web site.
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